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Tips for Beginners in White Water Rafting

When you want to test your adrenaline in a sport, white water rafting is one of the best options you could have. Your experience level does not really matter buts it’s advisable you have tips for beginners.   This is

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Sky Diving For the First Time

Testing your adrenalin for the very first time can be quite challenging. Gathering the courage to perform a task that puts your life on the line is not as easy as experts may think. Skydiving is one of the sports

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Top 3 daredevils

Over the years, daredevils have been seen by some set of persons as crazy while others consider them as heroes. The death-defying stunts performed by daredevils have fascinated a lot of people. Over the years there have been a lot

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4 dangerous daredevil stunts

Over the years, daredevils have fascinated many with their death-defying acts. In this article, we are going to be looking at 7 of the most dangerous daredevil stunts ever performed. Wire walk between the twin towers At the hundred and

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5 Of the Most Dangerous Stunts of All Time

Humans have continued to pull out dangerous stunts that involve acts that need special skill and or physical strength. These stunts are mostly seen in action movies but are usually computer generated or by using in-camera effects but with time

Daring Acts bring Excitment

Have you ever been dared to do something. Did you actually do it? There is something about being in a dare situation that brings excitement and joy. After all if the thing that were dared to do was easy then

I Dare You… Series?

Heya! So I was stumbling around the internet looking for something to do.. You know what its like when your bored. At least you can always count on the internet to provide entertainment at any time of the day or