Why Dare Mare Chartering?

Hello and welcome to my first blog post on Dare Mare Chartering. Where I venture into uncharted territory and do things that most people won’t.

You may be wondering why my website is called DareMareChartering.com? And that is a great question.

You see I love a good dare and I love betting. When I had the idea for this website I told my buddies about it and funnily enough I was at the track. I love gambling of all sorts and a day at the horse races is one of my favourite things to do on the weekend.


So anyway I was talking to my buddy about how I wanted to build this website and track my progress of conquering uncharted territory. You know just doing really fun stuff and going where most normal people wouldn’t. After all what is a life lived if you aren’t having fun?

So my buddy was going along with it and to be honest we had already downed a few drinks so we were in a cheerful and jolly mood. He asked me “what are you going to name this website then?”. I said “well I dunno, haven’t decided completely yet but was thinking something about using the words Dare and Chartering and just being crazy”.

My mate was going along with it and  just said something that at the time sounded great. He goes “why don’t you include the name of next mare that wins a race for you” Granted it was already race 8 so there were only 2 more races left but with my exceptional racing knowledge and bookie contacts I can pretty much pick a winner quite easily. To be honest I had already backed 6 winners that day out of the 8 races.

So I said “sure”. You know horse names are always crazy and its great to hear the story behind the name. Hence why I thought I would tell you how I came up with the name for this site.

So I started looking at the horse names in the races and to be honest I really wanted some of those horses to win. They have some outrageous names in there as usual but of course none of those horses won. In fact I disregarded the unique horse names and went with my knowledge of who I reckoned would win. But you know what happened I didn’t back a winner. Not even a place in the last 2 races that day. But it was probably a good thing as the horses that did win have pretty plain Jane names. I can’t even remember them they were so boring haha.

So I said “ok next horse I win on – next weekend.” But my buddy said “No you need to lock it in today. Right now, otherwise you will never decide on a name”.

He was partly right. I did have a tendency to drift away on ideas and not follow through. So I said “But I don’t have a horse name cause I didn’t back a winner” That’s when he said “ah who cares just pick a mare and use that name. Go on I dare ya!”

In my drunken stupor I don’t know if I misheard him of read between the lines but I said “ok this is it! Dare Mare Chartering” Hahaha. When I think back on that it sounds pretty ridiculous. But here I Am. The website is up and here is the first post.

So stay tuned for up coming posts. I’ll get to them as much as I can and will need to keep myself on track (and away from the track ahah) to follow through on this website. But at least I got the name registered and first post out now.

Talk soon.

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