5 Of the Most Dangerous Stunts of All Time

Humans have continued to pull out dangerous stunts that involve acts that need special skill and or physical strength. These stunts are mostly seen in action movies but are usually computer generated or by using in-camera effects but with time people have been pushing themselves to the limits to perform this dangerous stunts.

These stunts are hard and require a lot of effort, and those performing the stunts risk their lives. Unfortunately, a number of the people end up in death situations while performing the stunts. Here are the five of the most dangerous stunts of all time.

High wire walk between the Twin Towers

In 4th August 1974, Philippe Petit and his colleagues strung a wire between the twin towers which is 110 floors high. The French high wire artist walked back and forth for about 45 minutes on the wire with the help of a balancing pole. He even danced on the wire and people were startled by his actions. The extraordinaire stunt was a subject of the 2008 documentary, “Man on Wire” and the 2015 film “The Walk.”

Climbing the Petronis Towers

Alain Robert, a French climber, is also known as the French Spider-Man from his fame of climbing the world’s tallest buildings with only the climbing shoes and chalk on his hands.  In 2017, Alain performed a legal climb Burj Khalifa in Dubai which is 2,717- foot with a partial safety harness. He also climbed three times the Petronis Towers in Kuala Lumpur which is 1,483 feet without any safety equipment. Later, Alain was locked in jail but managed to secure a spot on one of the greatest daredevils list.

Jumping the Grand Canyon

Robbie Knievel is a famous daredevil known for his motorcycle stunts. He created a superstar character in March 1999 when he jumped the Grand Crayon using a rocket-powered motorcycle. Many of his jumps were outstanding, and he has competed for about 350 jumps and set 20 world records. Unfortunately, the Grand Crayon event stunt failed after he lost control and ended up breaking his leg.

Highest free-fall from the Edge of the Earth

Felix Baumgartner, an Austrian daredevil is well known for breaking the speed of sound when he jumped 24 miles (39km) above the earth in 2012. He landed safely on the ground near Roswell, New Mexico and later Aikins, an Austrian skydiver became his back jumper.

However, this record was broken in 2014 by an American, Alan Eustace, a computer scientist. Alan jumped 25.7 miles (41.4 km) above the earth with a peak speed exceeding 812 mph. Alan’s drop lasted about 15 minutes.

Changing Planes in Mid-Air

In 2010, Paul Steiner, an Austrian skydiver, performed a daring mid-air stunt. He climbed out of a glider flying at 100 miles per hour over Austria then jumped onto the wing of another plane. He then stood and grabbed the tail wing of the first plane they flew in tandem. Paul used a parachute at that time to get back to the ground safely.

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