Daring Acts bring Excitment

Have you ever been dared to do something. Did you actually do it? There is something about being in a dare situation that brings excitement and joy. After all if the thing that were dared to do was easy then there would be no reason to dare you!

The first time we are introduced to dares is most likely through the good old game truth or dare. Each player must choose either to tell the truth to an unknown question or do an unknown dare. Sometimes in these situations performing a dare may be easier to do that to actually tell the truth but this all depends on who are you playing the game with. For instance a dare from a group of dare devils may be a lot harder than simply telling the truth. No matter how embarrassing or private the truth might reveal.

Either way I know what I would choose pretty mush all the time. Can you guess? Well if not why are you on this site?!… DARE of course! Yep that’s right I love doing dares, as I said they are exciting and thrilling.

So if you haven’t done something crazy for a while I dare you, nah I double dare you! Facing your fears is the only way that you will ever live your dreams. So go on, do something crazy. You could even dare yourself. Why not. Then the only person you will be lying to if you don’t do it is you. And sometimes that is even worse than your friends knowing your chickened out, cause you have to live with yourself 24/7!

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