I Dare You to Charter a Limo

That is what my mate said to me about 4 weeks ago.

Of course he knows that I never back down from a dare. So naturally I did it. And I tell you what – I dare anyone who reads this to charter a limo for themselves!

If you have not done this before then you are sure to have such an amazing experience. If you already have then you know just how awesome it is and you will most likely have done it again and have plans to.

Now I realise why all those celebs and wealthy folk cruise around in the back seat of those luxury vehicles. I mean I ride in the back of a taxi every now and then but it is nowhere near the same experience.

Limo DriverFor one a limousine, is of a higher class of vehicle. Also the driver himself is dressed in a suit and may be wearing driving gloves and a hat. They really look the part. If you are lucky to get a polite driver who stands by the vehicle and opens the door for you, you are in for a real treat. Not only does it feel like your status has risen about 100 notches but onlookers also see this too. You are now viewed as someone of importance and value. It is definitely a great ego boost for overall confidence and wellbeing.

So anyway once you step into a limousine you are welcomed by the outstanding interior. Not like a taxi where you have worn seats, sometimes some left over rubbish or belongings from the passenger before and possible a funky smell. In a limousine it is all class, style and luxury. A pleasant aroma, you choice of music is offered, the vehicle looks like it came straight from a detailed clean and the latest in technology that I didn’t even know they had in cars! And if you go for a stretch limo then the experience is super amplified however even just a sedan limo is very impressive.

So anyways I booked my limo, chartered it as you will. And it was amazing. Something that I will be looking to do again in the very near future. My booking was just for myself in a sedan and it was just for a short trip but next time I am getting all my mates together and we are going for a limo joy ride in a stretch, maybe even a Hummer. Why not – we are just going to go all out.

It was my mate who had been in one before who was surprised that half our mates had never experienced the feeling of riding in a limo. So he dared me. He knew that I would take on the challenge of a dare and it is super fitting for this website as I will do things that most people have not! But now I am an advocate and will be organising a big trip for all our mate. Some have done it before but some haven’t. Either way riding with a large group of mates is sure to set a chain of events that will equal an epic night!

So go on I dare you to charter a limo. I am sure you will not regret it.



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